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Título: Semi-partitioned mixed-criticality scheduling
Autor: Awan, Muhammad Ali
Bletsas, Konstantinos
Souto, Pedro
Tovar, Eduardo
Data: Abr-2017
Relatório da Série N.º: ARCS 2017;
Resumo: Scheduling isolation in mixed-criticality systems is challenging without sacrificing performance. In response, we propose a scheduling approach that combines server-based semi-partitioning and deadline scaling. Semi-partitioning (whereby only some tasks migrate, in a carefully managed manner), hitherto used in single criticality systems, offers good performance with low overheads. Deadline-scaling selectively prioritizes high-criticality tasks in parts of the schedule to ensure their deadlines are met even in rares case of execution time overrun. Our new algorithm NPS-F-MC brings semi-partitioning to mixed-criticality scheduling and uses Ekberg and Yi’s state-of-the-art deadline scaling approach. It ensures scheduling isolation among different-criticality tasks and only allows low-criticality task migration. We also explore variants that disallow migration entirely or relax the isolation between different criticalities (SP-EKB) in order to evaluate the performance tradeoffs associated with more flexible or rigid safety and isolation requirements.
Descrição: Paper presented at the 30TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ARCHITECTURE OF COMPUTING SYSTEMS (ARCS 2017). 3 to 6, Apr, 2017, Session 6: Scheduling. Vienna, Austria.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.22/9803
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