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Título: A Fourier Perspective of Freeway Traffic
Autor: Figueiredo, Lino
Machado, J. A. Tenreiro
Ferreira, José Rui
Palavras-chave: SITS
Fourier transform
Data: Out-2004
Resumo: This paper presents the Simulator of Intelligent Transportation Systems (SITS) and a dynamical analysis of several traffic phenomena. The SITS is based on a microscopic simulation approach to reproduce real traffic and considers different types of vehicles, drivers and roads. In order to process the resulting information, it is also introduced a new modelling scheme based on the embedding of statistics and Fourier transform. The results point out that it is possible to study traffic systems, taking advantage on the knowledge gathered with systems theory.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.22/9759
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