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Título: IL6-174G > C genetic polymorphism influences antidepressant treatment outcome
Autor: Carvalho, Serafim
Santos, Marlene
Lima, Luís
Mota-Pereira, Jorge
Pimentel, Paulo
Maia, Dulce
Correia, Diana
Gomes, Sofia
Cruz, Agostinho
Medeiros, Rui
Palavras-chave: IL6
Genetic polymorphisms
Treatment resistant depression
Data: 2016
Editora: Taylor & Francis
Resumo: Background: Major depressive disorder is a condition associated with dysregulated cytokine levels; among these, IL6. Furthermore, genetic variations within cytokine genes have been proposed to predict antidepressant treatment outcome. Objectives: This study aims to evaluate the role of IL6-174G > C and IL6R D358A A > C functional poly-morphisms in antidepressant treatment phenotypes, specifically remission, relapse, and treatment resistant depression (TRD). Methods: The referred polymorphisms were genotyped in 80 MDD patients followed at Hospital Magalh~aes Lemos, Portugal, within a period of 27 months. Results: It was found that patients carrying IL6-174 GC genotype present a protection towards the development of TRD (OR ¼ 0.242; 95% CI ¼ 0.068–0.869; p ¼ .038), when compared with GG genotype. Additionally, carriers of IL6-174 CC genotype remit earlier than patients with IL6-174 GG/GC genotypes, with a median time to remission of 6 weeks for CC carriers and 15 weeks for GG or GC carriers (p ¼ .030, Log-rank test). No association was found between IL6R D358A genetic polymorphism and any of the treatment phenotypes evaluated. Conclusions: The IL6-174G > C polymorphism influences antidepressant treatment outcome in this sub-set of MDD patients, providing a putative mechanistic link for the dysregulated IL-6 levels described in the literature in patients with TRD.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.22/9333
DOI: 10.1080/08039488.2016.1242650
ISSN: 1502-4725
Versão do Editor: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/08039488.2016.1242650?journalCode=ipsc20
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