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Título: Formação para a literacia da informação: uma interactividade necessária com os media
Autor: Braga, Inês
Palavras-chave: Literacy
Lifelong learning
Data: 2010
Editora: Aletheia
Resumo: Our aim is to analyse the relationship between interactive media and its use in Education when applied to formal training for information literacy. Contextualizing the notion of literacy in an evolving framework and emphasizing the recognition of its importance, we highlight some desirable skills in the current information society, including, inevitably, technological competencies. When considering the notion of literacy within an evolving framework and emphasizing the acknowledgement of its significance some desirable skills stand out in the current information society including, inevitably, the technological skills. We emphasize media literacy and select some strategies for teaching and learning practices recommended for the development of new skills, highlighting the contribution of some international literacy standards and describing some of the good practices in Education. We also underline the need for training within an holistic perspective, integrating student’, teachers and staff cooperation in the educational process. In this process, the potential of the Web 2.0, which grants the new information users – the prosumers (consumers and producers) a new statute, new powers and obligations, is indeed worth mentioning. Regarding the situation, we shall quote the reports on the experiences of virtual learning communities that use the moodle platform and mention several activities and programs managed by the Portuguese government to increase the citizens’ literacy’s levels. In conclusion, we point out the need for lifelong learning and the ability of individuals to “learn to learn” who therefore provide literacy with a dynamic component.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.22/7335
ISSN: 978-972-697-195-5
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