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Título: Energy Harvesting for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Autor: Regemortel, Joram Van
Orientador: Almeida, José Miguel Soares de
Neves, Betina Baere de Faria Campos
Data de Defesa: Jun-2015
Resumo: In this study, energy production for autonomous underwater vehicles is investigated. This project is part of a bigger project called TURTLE. The autonomous vehicles perform oceanic researches at seabed for which they are intended to be kept operational underwater for several months. In order to ful l a long-term underwater condition, powerful batteries are combined with \micro- scale" energy production on the spot. This work tends to develop a system that generates power up to a maximum of 30 W. Latter energy harvesting structure consists basically of a turbine combined with a generator and low-power electronics to adjust the achieved voltage to a required battery charger voltage. Every component is examined separately hence an optimum can be de ned for all, and subsequently also an overall optimum. Di erent design parameters as e.g. number of blades, solidity ratio and cross-section area are compared for di erent turbines, in order to see what is the most feasible type. Further, a generator is chosen by studying how ux distributions might be adjusted to low velocities, and how cogging torque can be excluded by adapted designs. Low-power electronics are con gured in order to convert and stabilize heavily varying three-phase voltages to a constant, recti ed voltage which is usable for battery storage. Clearly, di erent component parameters as maximum power and torque are matched here to increase the overall power generation. Furthermore an overall maximum power is set up for achieving a maximum power ow at load side. Due to among others typical low velocities of about 0.1 to 0.5 m/s, and constructing limits of the prototype, the vast range of components is restricted to only a few that could be used. Hence, a helical turbine is combined in a direct drive mode to a coreless-stator axial- ux permanent-magnet generator, from which the output voltage is adjusted subsequently by a recti er, impedance matching unit, upconverter circuit and an overall control unit to regulate di erent component parameters. All these electronics are combined in a closed-loop design to involve positive feedback signals. Furthermore a theoretical con guration for the TURTLE vehicle is described in this work and a solution is proposed that might be implemented, for which several design tests are performable in a future study.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.22/7154
Designação: Mestrado em Engenharia Electrotécnica – Sistemas Eléctricos de Energia
Aparece nas colecções:ISEP - DM – Engenharia Electrotécnica – Sistemas Eléctricos de Energia

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