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Título: Autonomous guided vehicles applied to industrial engineering and management studies
Autor: Dias, André
Dias, Nuno
Campos, Daniela
Ferreira, Hugo
Data: 2010
Resumo: This article presents a framework to an Industrial Engineering and Management Science course from School of Management and Industrial Studies using Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGV) to supply materials to a production line as an experimental setup for the students to acquire knowledge in the production robotics area. The students must be capable to understand and put into good use several concepts that will be of utmost importance in their professional life such as critical decisions regarding the study, development and implementation of a production line. The main focus is a production line using AGVs, where the students are required to address several topics such as: sensors actuators, controllers and an high level management and optimization software. The presented framework brings to the robotics teaching community methodologies that allow students from different backgrounds, that normally don’t experiment with the robotics concepts in practice due to the big gap between theory and practice, to go straight to ”making” robotics. Our aim was to suppress the minimum start point level thus allowing any student to fully experience robotics with little background knowledge.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.22/6994
ISBN: 978-80-227-3353-3
Versão do Editor: http://rie2010.stuba.sk/pdf/47.pdf
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