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dc.contributor.authorGutiérrez-Carvajal, Ricardo Enrique-
dc.contributor.authorMelo, Leonimer Flávio de-
dc.contributor.authorRosário, João Maurício-
dc.contributor.authorMachado, J. A. Tenreiro-
dc.description.abstractWhile fractional calculus (FC) is as old as integer calculus, its application has been mainly restricted to mathematics. However, many real systems are better described using FC equations than with integer models. FC is a suitable tool for describing systems characterised by their fractal nature, long-term memory and chaotic behaviour. It is a promising methodology for failure analysis and modelling, since the behaviour of a failing system depends on factors that increase the model’s complexity. This paper explores the proficiency of FC in modelling complex behaviour by tuning only a few parameters. This work proposes a novel two-step strategy for diagnosis, first modelling common failure conditions and, second, by comparing these models with real machine signals and using the difference to feed a computational classifier. Our proposal is validated using an electrical motor coupled with a mechanical gear reducer.pt_PT
dc.publisherTaylor & Francispt_PT
dc.relation.ispartofseriesInternational Journal of Systems Science;-
dc.subjectIntelligent maintenancept_PT
dc.subjectIntelligent diagnosticspt_PT
dc.subjectApplication of fractional calculuspt_PT
dc.subjectIdentification of fractional order systemspt_PT
dc.titleCondition-Based Diagnosis of Mechatronic Systems Using a Fractional Calculus Approachpt_PT
degois.publication.titleInternational Journal of Systems Sciencept_PT
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