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Título: DEWI - Wirelessly into the Future
Autor: Rom, Werner
Robles, Ramiro Sámano
Priller, Peter
Dominguez, Luis
Rivilla, Javier
Koivusaari, Jani
Komi, Marjaana
Van Driel, Willem
Data: 2015
Relatório da Série N.º: DSD2015;
Resumo: The ARTEMIS/ECSEL project DEWI (Dependable Embedded Wireless Infrastructure) focusses on the area of wireless sensor / actuator networks and wireless com-munication. With its four industrial domains (Aero-nautics, Automotive, Rail, and Building) and 21 clearly industry-driven use cases / applications, DEWI will pro-vide and demonstrate key solutions for wireless seamless connectivity and interoperability in smart cities and infra-structures, by considering everyday physical environ-ments of citizens in buildings, cars, trains and aeroplanes. It will add clear cross-domain benefits in terms of re-usability of technological building bricks and architecture, processes and methods. DEWI currently is one of the largest funded European R&D projects, comprising 58 renowned industrial and research partners from 11 Euro-pean countries. (For further details see www.dewi-project.eu)
Descrição: Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design (DSD2015), EPDSD - 3rd European Projects in Digital System Design, Funchal, Portugal.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.22/6843
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