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Título: Energy resources management in three distinct time horizons considering a large variation in wind power
Autor: Silva, Marco
Morais, Hugo
Sousa, Tiago
Vale, Zita
Palavras-chave: Energy resources management
System management
Integration strategies & policies
Data: Fev-2013
Editora: The European Wind Energy Association - EWEA
Relatório da Série N.º: EWEA;2013
Resumo: The intensive use of distributed generation based on renewable resources increases the complexity of power systems management, particularly the short-term scheduling. Demand response, storage units and electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles also pose new challenges to the short-term scheduling. However, these distributed energy resources can contribute significantly to turn the shortterm scheduling more efficient and effective improving the power system reliability. This paper proposes a short-term scheduling methodology based on two distinct time horizons: hour-ahead scheduling, and real-time scheduling considering the point of view of one aggregator agent. In each scheduling process, it is necessary to update the generation and consumption operation, and the storage and electric vehicles status. Besides the new operation condition, more accurate forecast values of wind generation and consumption are available, for the resulting of short-term and very short-term methods. In this paper, the aggregator has the main goal of maximizing his profits while, fulfilling the established contracts with the aggregated and external players.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.22/5892
Versão do Editor: http://proceedings.ewea.org/annual2013/proceedings/index2test.php?page=info2&id2=1064&id=167&ordre=5&tr=&presa=&day=&searchtext=vale&day=&learning=&keyword=&fil2=&fil2&ord1=&sess=#top
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