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Título: Developing multiple - choice questions in mathematics
Autor: Torres, Cristina Maria Dias Pereira
Lopes, Ana Paula Ferreira Fernandes
Azevedo, José Manuel Monteiro Lopes
Babo, Maria de Lurdes
Palavras-chave: Technology in education
Teaching methods
Multiple-choice test
Data: 2009
Resumo: In this paper we wish to illustrate different perspectives used to create Multiple-Choice questions and we will show how we can improve these in the construction of math tests. As it is known, web technologies have a great influence on student’s behaviour. Based on an on-line project beginning at 2007 which has been contributing to help students on their individual work, we would like to share our experience and thoughts with colleagues who have a common concern when they have the task of constructing Multiple-Choice tests. We feel that Multiple-Choice tests play an important and a very useful supporting role in selfevaluation or self-examination of our students. Nonetheless, good Multiple–Choice Test Items are generally more complex and time-consuming to create than other types of tests. It requires a certain amount of skill. However, this skill maybe increases through study, practice and experience. This paper discusses a number of issues related to the use of Multiple-Choice questions, lists the advantages and disadvantages of this question format contrasting it with open questions. Some examples are given in this context.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.22/586
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