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Título: Building a knowledge and learning society in Portugal: adult students in technological schools and higher education institutions
Autor: Correia, Ana Maria Ramalho
Sá, Dulce Maria Cardoso Pereira
Costa, Ana Cristina
Mesquita, Anabela
Palavras-chave: Adult students
Data: 2009
Editora: Peter Lang
Resumo: Lifelong learning (LLL) has received increasing attention in recent years. It implies that learning should take place at all stages of the “life cycle and it should be life-wide, that is embedded in all life contexts from the school to the work place, the home and the community” (Green, 2002, p.613). The ‘learning society’, is the vision of a society where there are recognized opportunities for learning for every person, wherever they are and however old they happen to be. Globalization and the rise of new information technologies are some of the driving forces that cause depreciation of specialised competences. This happens very quickly in terms of economic value; consequently, workers of all skills levels, during their working life, must have the opportunity to update “their technical skills and enhance general skills to keep pace with continuous technological change and new job requirements” (Fahr, 2005, p. 75). It is in this context that LLL tops the policy agenda of international bodies, national governments and non-governmental organizations, in the field of education and training, to justify the need for LLL opportunities for the population as they face contemporary employability challenges. It is in this context that the requirement and interest to analyse the behaviour patterns of adult learners has developed over the last few years
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.22/544
ISBN: 978-3-631-58279-4
ISSN: 1860-787X
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