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Título: Computing semantic relatedness using DBPedia
Autor: Leal, José Paulo
Rodrigues, Vânia
Queirós, Ricardo
Palavras-chave: Semantic similarity
Processing wikipedia data
Ontology generation
Web recommendation
Data: 2012
Editora: Schloss Dagstuhl
Resumo: Extracting the semantic relatedness of terms is an important topic in several areas, including data mining, information retrieval and web recommendation. This paper presents an approach for computing the semantic relatedness of terms using the knowledge base of DBpedia — a community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia. Several approaches to extract semantic relatedness from Wikipedia using bag-of-words vector models are already available in the literature. The research presented in this paper explores a novel approach using paths on an ontological graph extracted from DBpedia. It is based on an algorithm for finding and weighting a collection of paths connecting concept nodes. This algorithm was implemented on a tool called Shakti that extract relevant ontological data for a given domain from DBpedia using its SPARQL endpoint. To validate the proposed approach Shakti was used to recommend web pages on a Portuguese social site related to alternative music and the results of that experiment are reported in this paper.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.22/5117
DOI: 10.4230/OASIcs.SLATE.2012.i
ISBN: 978-3-939897-40-8
ISSN: 2190-6807
Versão do Editor: http://drops.dagstuhl.de/opus/volltexte/2012/3519/
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