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Título: KM and politics at the highest level: an exploratory analysis
Outros títulos: Knowledge management and politics at the highest level: an exploratory analysis
Autor: Tomé, Eduardo
Figueiredo, Paula
Martins, Dora
Schebesch, Klaus Bruno
Palavras-chave: Knowledge management
Data: 2014
Editora: Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited
Resumo: This paper analyzes Knowledge Management (KM) as a political activity, made by the great political leaders of the world. We try to inspect if at the macro political level KM is made, and how. The research is interesting because given that we live in a Knowledge society, in the Information Era, it is more or less obvious that the political leaders should also do KM. However we don’t know of any previous study on KM and world leaders and this paper wants to be a first step to fill that gap. As a methodology we use literature review: given this one is a first preliminary study we use data we found in the Internet and other databases like EBSCO. We divide the analysis in two main parts: theoretical ideas first, and an application second. The second part is it self divided in two segments: the past and the present times. We find that rather not surprisingly, KM always was and is pervasive in the activity of the world leaders, and has become more and more diverse has power itself became to be more and more disseminated in the world. The study has the limitation of relying on insights and texts and not on interviews. But we believe it is very interesting to make this kind of analysis and such studies may help improving the democracies in the world.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.22/5008
ISBN: 978‐1‐910309‐34‐6
ISSN: 2048‐8963 
Versão do Editor: http://academic-conferences.org/eckm/eckm2014/eckm14-proceedings.htm
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