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Título: Engineering real-time applications with WorldFIP: tools and analysis
Autor: Tovar, Eduardo
Vasques, Francisco
Data: 1999
Editora: Instituto Politécnico do Porto. Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto. Universidade do Porto.
Resumo: WorldFIP is standardised as European Norm EN 50170 - General Purpose Field Communication System. Field communication systems (fieldbuses) started to be widely used as the communication support for distributed computer-controlled systems (DCCS), and are being used in all sorts of process control and manufacturing applications within different types of industries. There are several advantages in using fieldbuses as a replacement of for the traditional point-to-point links between sensors/actuators and computer-based control systems. Indeed they concern economical ones (cable savings) but, importantly, fieldbuses allow an increased decentralisation and distribution of the processing power over the field. Typically DCCS have real-time requirements that must be fulfilled. By this, we mean that process data must be transferred between network computing nodes within a maximum admissible time span. WorldFIP has very interesting mechanisms to schedule data transfers. It explicit distinguishes to types of traffic: periodic and aperiodic. In this paper we describe how WorldFIP handles these two types of traffic, and more importantly, we provide a comprehensive analysis for guaranteeing the real-time requirements of both types of traffic. A major contribution is made in the analysis of worst-case response time of aperiodic transfer requests.
Peer review: no
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.22/3518
Versão do Editor: http://www.cister.isep.ipp.pt/docs/
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