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Título: Sustainability reporting and financial reporting: the relevance of an integrated reporting approach
Autor: Bandeira, Ana Maria
Pinto, Teresa
Data: 2013
Editora: Helen E. Muga (University of Mount Union, USA); Ken D. Thomas (Auburn University, USA)
Citação: Bandeira and Pinto (2013)
Resumo: In the business world, there are issues such as globalisation, environmental awareness, and the rising expectations of public opinion which have a specific role in what is required from companies as providers of information to the market. This chapter refers to the current state of corporate reporting (financial reporting and sustainability reporting) and demonstrates the need for evolution to a more integrated method of reporting which meets the stakeholders’ needs. This research offers a reflection on how this development can be achieved, which notes the ongoing efforts by international organisations in implementing the diffusion and adoption, as well as looking at the characteristics which are needed for this type of reporting. It also makes the link between an actual case of a company that is one of the world references in sustainable development and integrated reporting. Whether or not the integrated reporting is the natural evolution of the history of financial and sustainability reporting, it still cannot yet claim to be infallible. However, it may definitely be concluded that a new approach is necessary to meet the needs which are continuously developing for a network of stakeholders.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.22/3325
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