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2005Short-term Price Forecast From Risk Management Point of ViewAzevedo, Filipe; Vale, Zita A.articleopenAccess
2003Hedging Using Futures and Options Contracts in the Electricty MarketAzevedo, Filipe; Vale, Zita; Vale, António A.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2003Decision-Support Tool for the Establishment of Contracts in the Electricity MarketAzevedo, Filipe; Vale, Zita; Vale, António A.articleclosedAccess
2006Forecasting Electricity Prices with Historical Statistical Information using Neural Networks and Clustering TechniquesAzevedo, Filipe; Vale, ZitaarticleclosedAccess
2006A Clustering Neural Network Model Applied to Electricity Price Range ForecastAzevedo, Filipe; Vale, Zita; Oliveira, P. B. MouraconferenceObjectopenAccess
2005Production Support-Support System on Liberalized Market EnvironmentAzevedo, Filipe; Vale, ZitaconferenceObjectopenAccess
2004Optimal Contracts Allocation Using Mean Variance Optimization MethodAzevedo, Filipe; Vale, ZitaarticleopenAccess
2007Definition of MV Load Diagrams via Weighted Evidence Accumulation Clustering using SubsamplingDuarte, Jorge; Fred, Ana; Rodrigues, Fátima; Duarte, João; Ramos, Sérgio; Vale, ZitaconferenceObjectopenAccess
Mar-2015Voltage Analysis and Load Curtailment Minimization in Sub-transmission Networks with Distributed GenerationCanizes, Bruno; Vale, Zita; Cruz, Adriana; Grimoni, José A.B.conferenceObjectclosedAccess
Mar-2015Energy Resource Management under the Influence of the Weekend Transition Considering an Intensive use of Electric VehiclesSousa, Tiago; Morais, Hugo; Pinto, Tiago; Vale, ZitaconferenceObjectclosedAccess
Mar-2015Resource Scheduling in Residential Microgrids Considering Energy Selling to External PlayersCanizes, Bruno; Silva, Marco; Faria, Pedro; Ramos, Sérgio; Vale, ZitaconferenceObjectclosedAccess
12-Out-2014Real-Time Simulation of Real-Time Pricing Demand Response to Meet Wind VariationsGomes, Luis; Fernandes, Filipe; Faria, Pedro; Silva, Marco; Vale, Zita; Ramos, CarlosconferenceObjectopenAccess
Mar-2015Contextual and Environmental Awareness Laboratory for Energy Consumption ManagementGomes, Luis; Fernandes, Filipe; Faria, Pedro; Silva, Marco; Vale, Zita; Ramos, CarlosconferenceObjectclosedAccess
Jul-2013Determining the Adjustment Baseline Parameters to Define an Accurate Customer Baseline LoadFaria, Pedro; Vale, Zita; Antunes, PedroconferenceObjectclosedAccess
9-Dez-2014Quantum-based Particle Swarm Optimization Application to Studies of Aggregated Consumption Shifting and Generation Scheduling in Smart GridsFaria, Pedro; Soares, João; Vale, ZitaconferenceObjectclosedAccess
Jul-2013MASCEM Restructuring: Ontologies For Scenarios Generation in Power Systems SimulatorsSantos, Gabriel; Pinto, Tiago; Vale, Zita; Morais, Hugo; Praça, IsabelconferenceObjectclosedAccess
Dez-2014Data Mining Approach to support the Generation of Realistic Scenarios for Multi-Agent simulation of Electricity MarketsTeixeira, Brígida; Silva, Francisco; Pinto, Tiago; Praça, Isabel; Santos, Gabriel; Vale, ZitaconferenceObjectclosedAccess
9-Dez-2014Distributed Intelligent Management of Microgrids using a Multi-Agent Simulation PlatformGomes, Luis; Pinto, Tiago; Faria, Pedro; Vale, ZitaconferenceObjectclosedAccess
Ago-2013Electricity Markets Portfolio Optimization using a Particle Swarm ApproachGuedes, Nuno; Pinto, Tiago; Vale, Zita; Sousa, Tiago; Sousa, TiagoconferenceObjectclosedAccess
Set-2013Real Time Pricing Approaches to Deal With Unexpected Wind Power VariationsFaria, Pedro; Vale, ZitaconferenceObjectopenAccess
Items da Coleção (Ordenados por Data de depósito em ordem descendente): 1 até 20 de 265