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Out-2009Multi-label Hierarchical Text Classification using the ACM TaxonomyRodrigues, Fátima; Santos, António PauloarticleopenAccess
Ago-2017Dynamic Pricing for Demand Response Considering Market Price UncertaintyFotouhi Ghazvini, Mohammad; Soares, João; Morais, Hugo; Castro, Rui; Vale, ZitaarticleopenAccess
2016Optimization of Electricity Markets Participation with QPSOFaia, Ricardo; Pinto, Tiago; Vale, ZitaarticleclosedAccess
2016Integration of Pumping in Virtual Power Players Management Considering Demand ResponseBoldt, Diogo; Faria, Pedro; Vale, ZitaarticleclosedAccess
2016Toward Retail Competition in the Portuguese Electricity MarketGhazvini, Mohammad Ali Fotouhi; Ramos, Sérgio; Soares, João; Vale, Zita; Castro, RuiarticleclosedAccess
5-Jul-2017Two-stage Stochastic Model using Benders' Decomposition for Large-scale Energy Resources Management in Smart gridsSoares, Joao; Canizes, Bruno; Fotouhi Gazvhini, M. Ali; Vale, Zita; Venayagamoorthy, G. K.articleopenAccess
30-Jun-2017An Ad-Hoc Initial Solution Heuristic for Metaheuristic Optimization of Energy Market Participation PortfoliosFaia, Ricardo; Pinto, Tiago; Vale, Zita; Corchado, JuanarticleopenAccess
14-Jun-2017Implementation of a Real-Time Microgrid Simulation Platform Based on Centralized and Distributed ManagementAbrishambaf, Omid; Faria, Pedro; Gomes, Luis; Spínola, João; Vale, Zita; Corchado, JuanarticleopenAccess
15-Mai-2017Demand response implementation in smart householdsFotouhi Ghazvini, Mohammad Ali; Soares, João; Abrishambaf, Omid; Castro, Rui; Vale, ZitaarticleclosedAccess
1-Mar-2017Dynamic electricity pricing for electric vehicles using stochastic programmingSoares, João; Ghazvini, Mohammad Ali Fotouhi; Borges, Nuno; Vale, ZitaarticleclosedAccess
2016Financial credit risk assessment: a recent reviewChen, Ning; Ribeiro, Bernardete; Chen, AnarticleclosedAccess
2016A Study on the Secure User Profiling Structure and Procedure for Home Healthcare SystemsKo, Hoon; Song, MoonBaearticleclosedAccess
2016Publishing Real-time Microgrid Consumption Data on the Web of Linked DataGomes, Luis; Lefrançois, Maxime; Faria, Pedro; Vale, ZitaarticleclosedAccess
2016Benders’ Decomposition Applied to Energy Resource Management in Smart Distribution NetworksSoares, João; Canizes, Bruno; Vale, ZitaarticleclosedAccess
2016Allocation of Fixed Costs Considering Distributed Generation and Distinct Approaches of Demand Response Remuneration in Distribution NetworksPereira, Fábio; Soares, João; Faria, Pedro; Vale, ZitaarticleclosedAccess
2016Microgrid Demonstration Gateway for Players Communication and Load Monitoring and ManagementGomes, Luis; Silva, Jorge; Faria, Pedro; Vale, ZitaarticlerestrictedAccess
2016Real-Time Simulation of Renewable Energy Transactions in Microgrid Context Using Real Hardware ResourcesAbrishambaf, Omid; Gomes, Luís; Faria, Pedro; Afonso, João L.; Vale, ZitaarticleclosedAccess
2016Weighted sum approach using Parallel Particle Swarm Optimization to Solve Multi-objective Energy SchedulingBorges, Nuno; Soares, João; Vale, Zita; Canizes, BrunoarticleclosedAccess
2016Adaptive Learning Process for the Evolution of Ontology-Described Classification Model in Big Data ContextPeixoto, Rafael; Cruz, Christophe; Silva, NunoarticleclosedAccess
2016Intelligent Reports for Group Decision Support SystemsCarneiro, João; Conceição, Luís; Martinho, Diogo; Marreiros, Goreti; Novais, PauloarticleopenAccess
Items da Coleção (Ordenados por Data de depósito em ordem descendente): 1 até 20 de 157