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Título: A B-learning strategy for Therapeutics at the Bachelor Level
Autor: Jesus, Ângelo
Gomes, Maria João
Cruz, Agostinho
Palavras-chave: Blended learning
Data: 2012
Editora: International Pharmaceutical Federation
Resumo: Background Information:The incorporation of distance learning activities by institutions of higher education is considered an important contribution to create new opportunities for teaching at both, initial and continuing training. In Medicine and Nursing, several papers illustrate the adaptation of technological components and teaching methods are prolific, however, when we look at the Pharmaceutical Education area, the examples are scarce. In that sense this project demonstrates the implementation and assessment of a B-Learning Strategy for Therapeutics using a “case based learning” approach. Setting: Academic Pharmacy Methods:This is an exploratory study involving 2nd year students of the Pharmacy Degree at the School of Allied Health Sciences of Oporto. The study population consists of 61 students, divided in groups of 3-4 elements. The b-learning model was implemented during a time period of 8 weeks. Results:A B-learning environment and digital learning objects were successfully created and implemented. Collaboration and assessment techniques were carefully developed to ensure the active participation and fair assessment of all students. Moodle records show a consistent activity of students during the assignments. E-portfolios were also developed using Wikispaces, which promoted reflective writing and clinical reasoning. Conclusions:Our exploratory study suggests that the “case based learning” method can be successfully combined with the technological components to create and maintain a feasible online learning environment for the teaching of therapeutics.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.22/2926
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