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Título: Sulfadiazine-potentiometric sensors for flow and batch determinations of sulfadiazine in drugs and biological fluids
Autor: Kamel, Ayman H.
Almeida, Sofia A. A.
Sales, M. Goreti F.
Moreira, Felismina T. C.
Data: 2009
Editora: Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry
Relatório da Série N.º: Analytical Sciences; Vol. 25
Resumo: New PVC membrane electrodes for the determination of sulfadiazine (SDZ) are presented. The electrodes are fabricated with conventional and tubular configurations with a graphite-based electrical contact, and no internal reference solution. The selective membranes consist of bis(triphenylphosphoranilidene)ammonium·SDZ (electrode A), tetraoctylammonium bromide (electrode B), or iron(II)-phthalocyanine (FePC) (electrode C) electroactive materials dispersed in a PVC matrix of o-nitrophenyl octyl ether (o-NPOE) plasticizer. The sensors A, B, and C displayed linear responses over the concentration ranges 1.0*10-2 – 1.0*10–5, 1.0*10–2 – 7.5*10–6, and 3.2*10–2 – 7.0* 10–6 mol l–1 (detection limits of 1.09, 2.04 and 0.87 mg ml–1) with anionic slopes of –57.3 ± 0.1, –46.7 ± 0.5, and –65.1 ± 0.2 mV decade–1, respectively. No effect from pH was observed within 4.0 – 5.5, 4.8 – 10, and 4.5 – 8, respectively, and good selectivity was found. The sensors were applied to the analysis of pharmaceuticals and biological fluids in steady state and in flow conditions.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.22/2890
Versão do Editor: https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/analsci/25/3/25_3_365/_article
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