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Título: When Corporate Governance crosses the firm borders: family firms in local productive systems
Autor: Braga, Vitor
Braga, Alexandra
Carvalho, Amélia
Palavras-chave: Family firms
Corporate Governance
Local productive systems
Data: 2010
Editora: Gregory T. Papanikos
Resumo: The family involvement in firms is observable is most economies around the world, although there are significant differences among these countries, not only regarding its predominance in these economies, but also in what refers to the levels of involvement of the family in business. This research aims at understanding the family-based firms’ management when compared to non family based, with particular regards to the forms of corporate governance. This analysis is based on case studies and on secondary data found in the literature to support the findings from the empirical research. The data was collected via face to face in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs from the furniture and the events organisation industries (where the family is predominantly present in the furniture but not on the events organisation industry) and with industry and regional business associations. The case studies used in this research allowed the comparison between the Portuguese firms when the family plays an important role in business and those in which the family is absent. It has been found that there are important differences in businesses in countries/industries/local productive systems in which the family is seen as a dominant institution in the society (where businesses are based on strong ties; there is a harmonious relationship between the family members; and the family is accepted locally and dominates the firm organization) and on situations in which the family plays a more marginal role in the society. In fact, the family brings special characteristics to the business, in terms of management, corporate governance, inter and intra firm relationships and succession. Our findings confirm other empirical studies’ results found in the literature. Thus, this article provides a discussion on the factors that play a role in the form of corporate governance structure in family firms highlighting the pros and cons of organising the firm around the family.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.22/1870
ISSN: 978-960-6672-90-3
Versão do Editor: http://www.atiner.gr/docs/2010SME_CONT.htm
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