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CISTER (Research Centre in Real-Time and Embedded Computing Systems) is a top-ranked Research Unit based at the School of Engineering (ISEP) of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (IPP), Portugal. The IPP-HURRAY research group, created in mid 1997, is the core and genesis of the CISTER Research Unit. HURRAY stands for HUgging Real-time and Reliable Architectures for computing sYstems. Therefore, the research unit focuses its activity in the analysis, design and implementation of real-time and embedded computing systems. CISTER was, in the 2004 evaluation process, the only research unit in Portugal, in the areas of electrical engineering and computer science and engineering, to be awarded the level of Excellent. This excellent rating was confirmed in the last evaluation process (2007) CISTER, in which only one other research unit in these areas received this rating.