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2011Academic effectiveness of VISIR remote lab in analog electronicsGarcia-Zúbia, Javier; Henandez-Jayo, Unai; Gustavsson, Ingvar; Alves, Gustavo R.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2016Using UML Models to Describe the VISIR SystemMohmed Salah, Razwan; Alves, Gustavo R.; Guerreiro, Pedro; Gustavsson, IngvararticleopenAccess
Nov-2011On the use of VISIR under different course implementationsViegas, Maria C.; Marques, Maria A.; Costa-Lobo, Maria; Alves, Gustavo R.; Alberto, António; Dias, Custódio; Azevedo, Manuel; Alves, Mario; Guimarães, Pedro; Gustavsson, IngvarconferenceObjectopenAccess
2015Assessing the Remote Engineering Lab VISIR at Al-Quds University in PalestineOdeh, Salaheddin; Anabtawi, Mahasen; Alves, Gustavo R.; Gustavsson, Ingvar; Arafeh, LabibarticleopenAccess
2016Simultaneous Usage of Methods for the Development of Experimental CompetencesAlves, Gustavo R.; Viegas, Clara; Lima, Natércia; Gustavsson, IngvararticleclosedAccess
2014Improving Students Experimental Competences Using Simultaneous Methods in Class and in AssessmentsViegas, Clara; Lima, Natércia; Alves, Gustavo R.; Gustavsson, IngvararticleclosedAccess
2011Using VISIR in a large undergraduate course: preliminary assessment resultsAlves, Gustavo R.; Marques, Maria A.; Viegas, C.; Costa-Lobo, Cristina; Barral, R. G.; Couto, R. J.; Jacob, F. L.; Ramos, C. A.; Vilão, G. M.; Covita, D. S.; Alves, Joaquim; Guimarães, P. S.; Gustavsson, IngvarconferenceObjectopenAccess
2014Experiências da Aplicação de VISIR na Universidade de Al-QudsSalaheddin, Odeh; Alves, Joaquim; Alves, Gustavo R.; Anabtawi, Mahasen; Jazi, Mahran; Arekat, Mahmoud; Gustavsson, IngvararticleopenAccess
2015Why visir? Proliferative activities and collaborative work of visir systemSalah, Razwan Mohmed; Alves, Gustavo R.; Abdulazeez, Dezheen Hussein; Guerreiro, Pedro; Gustavsson, IngvararticleopenAccess
2015VISIR SYSTEM @ DEUSTO, BTH, ISEP, and UNED institutes: Assisting and supporting a hands-on laboratories to serve higher education studentsSalah, Razwan Mohmed; Alves, Gustavo R.; Datkiewicz, Beata; Guerreiro, Pedro; Gustavsson, IngvararticleopenAccess