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Título: Performance management in health centres: evidence from a field study
Autor: Silva, Paulino
Ferreira, Aldónio
Palavras-chave: Management in health centres
Data: 2008
Resumo: There has been a growing interest in research on performance measurement and management practices, which seems to reflect researchers’ response to calls for the need to increase the relevance of management accounting research. However, despite the development of the new public management literature, studies involving public sector organizations are relatively small compared to those involving business organizations and extremely limited when it comes to public primary health care organizations. Yet, the economic significance of public health care organizations in the economy of developed countries and the criticisms these organizations regularly face from the public suggests there is a need for research. This is particularly true in the case of research that may lead to improvement in performance measurement and management practices and ultimately to improvements in the way health care organizations use their limited resources in the provision of services to the communities. This study reports on a field study involving three public primary health care organisations. The evidence obtained from interviews and archival data suggests a performance management practices in these institutions lacked consistency and coherence, potentially leading to decreased performance. Hierarchical controls seemed to be very weak and accountability limited, leading to a lack of direction, low motivation and, in some circumstances to insufficient managerial abilities and skills. Also, the performance management systems revealed a number of weaknesses, which suggests that there are various opportunities for improvement in performance in the studied organisations.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.22/134
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