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2010A 12*(1+|R|/(4m))-speed algorithm for scheduling constrained-deadline sporadic real-time tasks on a multiprocessor comprising m processors where a task may request one of |R| sequentially-reusable shared resourcesAndersson, Björn; Easwaran, ArvindreportopenAccess
2005An Ada framework for QoS-Aware applicationsPinho, Luís Miguel; Nogueira, Luís; Barbosa, RicardoreportopenAccess
2006An IEEE 802.15.4 protocol implementation (in nesC/TinyOS): reference guide v1.0Cunha, André; Alves, MárioreportopenAccess
2005Analysing TDMA with slot skippingAndersson, Björn; Tovar, Eduardo; Pereira, NunoreportopenAccess
2012Application mapping in NoC-Based many-coresNikolic, Borislav; Petters, Stefan M.reportopenAccess
2009Assigning real-time tasks on heterogeneous multiprocessors with two types of processorsAndersson, Björn; Bletsas, KonstantinosreportopenAccess
2013Autodiagnóstico de práticas organizacionaisSerrão, CarlareportopenAccess
2006Beacon scheduling in cluster-tree IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee wireless sensor networksAttia, Melek; Koubâa, Anis; Alves, MárioreportopenAccess
2007Bit error modelsSousa, Paulo Baltarejo; Ferreira, Luís LinoreportopenAccess
2008Bridge architecture to interconnect hybrid wired/wireless PROFIBUS networksSousa, Paulo Baltarejo; Ferreira, Luís LinoreportopenAccess
2006Building adaptable, QoS-aware dependable embedded systemsNogueira, Luís; Pinho, Luís MiguelreportopenAccess
2010Calculating an upper bound on the finishing time of a group of threads executing on a GPU: a preliminary case studyRaravi, Gurulingesh; Andersson, BjörnreportopenAccess
2005Capacity sharing and stealing in serverbased real-time systemsNogueira, Luís; Pinho, Luís MiguelreportopenAccess
2007CDC PC station guide: tutorialCruz, NunoreportopenAccess
2004Characterizing the timing behaviour of power-line communication by means of simulationMarques, Luís; Pacheco, Filipe; Pinho, Luís MiguelreportopenAccess
2000CIDER - envisaging a COTS communication infrastructure for evolutionary dependable real-time systemsAlves, Mário; Tovar, Eduardo; Fohler, Gerhard; Buttazzo, GiorgioreportopenAccess
2007Collision-free beacon scheduling mechanisms for IEEE 802.15.4/Zigbee cluster-tree wireless sensor networksKoubâa, Anis; Alves, Mário; Attia, Melek; Nieuwenhuyse, Anneleen VanreportopenAccess
2006Collision-free prioritized medium access control in wireless networks with hidden nodesAndersson, Björn; Pereira, Nuno; Tovar, EduardoreportopenAccess
2006Collision-free prioritized medium access in the presence of hidden nodes without relying on out-of-band signalingAndersson, Björn; Pereira, Nuno; Tovar, EduardoreportopenAccess
2004Communication protocol for the rempli projectPorneală, Cătălina; Alves, MárioreportopenAccess