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16-Out-2012Actual Trends in Nuclear MedicineVieira, Domingos; Lemos, Joana; Ferreira, Sara; Metello, Luís F.lectureopenAccess
9-Out-2010Actualities on Nuclear Medicine Applications in Sports MedicineFonseca, Abigaíl; Soares, Sofia; Cunha, Lídia; Metello, Luís F.lectureopenAccess
2010Analysing the usefulness of motion correction software in myocardial perfusion imagingCunha, Lídia; Lamego, Juliana; Ferreira, Sara; Lemos, Joana; Vieira, Domingos; Metello, Luís F.lectureopenAccess
9-Out-2010Comparative study between two distinct methods for attenuation correction and the use of no-attenuation correction for the assessment of relative uptake of 99mTc-DMSA on pediatric patientsNogueira, Fábio; Lemos, Joana; Fonseca, Abigaíl; Cunha, Lídia; Metello, Luís F.lectureopenAccess
Mai-2015Da Luz à Imagiologia MédicaCosta, PedrolectureopenAccess
13-Dez-2012Efeitos Biológicos das Radiações IonizantesLemos, Joana; Metello, Luís F.lectureopenAccess
2010Evaluation of 99mTc-Sestamibi as a potential tool to investigate PgP activity in inflammationCosta, Pedro; Cunha, Lídia; Bravo, Joana; Alves, Cecília J.; Summavielle, Teresa; Metello, Luís F.lectureopenAccess
2017As garantias dos contribuintes perante a administração fiscal no âmbito do processo tributárioAmorim, JosélectureopenAccess
9-Out-2010Image upsampling algorithms applied on Nuclear Medicine: comparision of hqnx and nxSaI algorithms families with two interpolation algorithms - nearest neighbour and bicubic interpolationNogueira, Fábio; Matias, Mariana; Soares, Sofia; Cunha, Lídia; Metello, Luís F.lectureopenAccess
2010Is there a need for attenuation correction in the 99mTc-DMSA scans on pediatric patients?Nogueira, Fábio; Lemos, Joana; Oliveira, Marta; Silva, José A.; Sousa, Maria C.; Cunha, Lídia; Metello, Luís F.lectureopenAccess
9-Out-2010Practical Quality Control: Comparision of Methods on the Quantification of Stationary Phases in Paper and Thin-Layer Chromatographic SystemsCunha, Lídia; Folgado, Vítor; Ferreira, Sara; Lourenço, Leonel; Osório, Soraia; Oliveira, Marta; Sousa, Maria C.; Amorim, Inês; Castro, Rosa; Metello, Luís F.lectureopenAccess
2012Radiofármacos em Cardiologia Nuclear: Passado, Presente e FuturoFerreira, SaralectureopenAccess
2005Remote Experimentation Network: an Inter-University Peer-to-Peer e-ServiceAlves, Gustavo R.lectureopenAccess
9-Out-2010Study of Mechanisms for Acetyl-L-Carnitine Neuroprotective ActionCunha, Lídia; Damiani, Danira; Alves, Cecília J.; Metello, Luís F.; Summavielle, TeresalectureopenAccess
2014Terapia paliativa de metástases ósseas. Terapêutica com radionúclidos: passado, presente e futuroFerreira, SaralectureopenAccess
15-Out-2011The Bologna Era and the Nuclear Medicine Technologists Education: three years afterMetello, Luís F.; Cunha, LídialectureopenAccess
2017The reverse logistics of unsold medications in pharmacies in Campania, ItalyLopes, Isabel Cristina; Pereira, Teresa; Costa, Rosekelly AraújolectureopenAccess