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2012Adaptation model for PCMAT – Mathematics collaborative learning platformFernandes, Marta; Martins, Constantino; Faria, Luiz; Couto, Paulo; Valente, Cristiano; Bastos, Cristina; Costa, Fátima; Carrapatoso, EuricobookPartclosedAccess
2013Adaptive Learning in Games: Defining Profiles of Competitor PlayersPinto, Tiago; Vale, ZitabookPartclosedAccess
2012Adaptive learning in multiagent systems: a forecasting methodology based on error analysisSousa, Tiago; Pinto, Tiago; Vale, Zita; Praça, Isabel; Morais, H.bookPartclosedAccess
2010Adaptive tackling of the swinging problem for a 2 DOF crane – payload systemTar, József K.; Rudas, Imre J.; Bitó, János F.; Machado, J. A. Tenreiro; Kozłowski, Krzysztof R.bookPartopenAccess
2005Adult learners in higher educationCorreia, Ana Maria Ramalho; Mesquita, AnabelabookPartembargoedAccess
2009An architecture for ambient intelligent environmentsRamos, CarlosbookPartclosedAccess
2000An architecture for reliable distributed computer-controlled systemsPinho, Luis Miguel; Vasques, FranciscobookPartclosedAccess
2009An emotional and context-aware model for adapting RSS news to users and groupsVinagre, Eugénia; Marreiros, Goreti; Ramos, Carlos; Figueiredo, LinobookPartclosedAccess
2016An Energy Flexibility Framework on The Internet of ThingsLe Guilly, Thibaut; Siksnys, Laurynas; Albano, Michele; Pedersen, Per; Stluka, Petr; Lino Ferreira, Luis; Skou, Arne; Pedersen, Torben; Olsen, PeturbookPartopenAccess
2013An example-based generator of XSLT programsLeal, José Paulo; Queirós, RicardobookPartclosedAccess
2008An implicit GTS allocation mechanism in IEEE 802.15.4 for time-sensitive wireless sensor networks: theory and practiceKoubâa, Anis; Alves, Mário; Tovar, Eduardo; Cunha, AndrébookPartclosedAccess
2010An integrated system to support electricity tariff contract definitionRodrigues, Fátima; Figueiredo, Vera; Vale, ZitabookPartclosedAccess
1995An Intelligent Distributed System for Environmental ManagementMalheiro, Benedita; Oliveira, EugéniobookPartclosedAccess
2014Analysis of Electricity Market Prices Using Multidimensional ScalingAzevedo, Filipe; Machado, J. A. TenreirobookPartclosedAccess
2004Analysis of Systems with Backlash and Impacts through the Describing FunctionBarbosa, Ramiro S.; Machado, J. A. TenreirobookPartclosedAccess
2004Analysis of Two Arms Working in CooperationFerreira, N. M. Fonseca; Machado, J. A. Tenreiro; Cunha, J. BoaventurabookPartclosedAccess
2015Análise Evolutiva dos Laboratórios OnlineCordeiro, Raúl; Fonseca, José M.; Alves, Gustavo R.bookPartrestrictedAccess
2011Application of computational intelligence to engineeringMarques, Viriato M.; Roseiro, Luís; Reis, Cecília; Machado, J. A. TenreirobookPartopenAccess
2011Application of fractional calculus in engineeringMachado, J. A. Tenreiro; Jesus, Isabel S.; Barbosa, Ramiro S.; Silva, Manuel F.; Reis, CecíliabookPartopenAccess
2011Application of Fractional Calculus in EngineeringMachado, J. A. Tenreiro; Jesus, Isabel S.; Barbosa, Ramiro; Silva, Manuel; Reis, CecíliabookPartclosedAccess