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Nov-20143rd International Congress of Environmental Health: Proceedings BookSilva, Manuela Vieira; Oliveira, Rui S.; Rodrigues, M. A.; Nunes, Mafalda; Santos, Joana; Carvalhais, Carlos; Rebelo, Andreia; Freitas, Marisa; Xavier, AnabookopenAccess
13-Mar-2017Assessment and characterization of sound pressure levels in Portuguese neonatal intensive care unitsSantos, Joana; Carvalhais, Carlos; Xavier, Ana; Silva, Manuela VieiraarticleopenAccess
Jul-2015Comparison of different methods for work accidents investigation in hospitals: A Portuguese case studyNunes, Cláudia; Santos, Joana; Silva, Manuela Vieira; Lourenço, Irina; Carvalhais, CarlosarticleclosedAccess
2014Evaluation of the noise exposure of symphonic orchestra musiciansRodrigues, M. A.; Freitas, Marisa; Neves, Paula; Silva, Manuela VieiraarticleopenAccess
2013Influence of mixtures of acenaphthylene and benzo[a] anthracene on their degradation by Pleurotus ostreatus in sandy soilRocha, Inês; Pinto, Edgar; Ferreira, Isabel M. P. L. V. O.; Silva, Manuela Vieira; Oliveira, Rui S.articleopenAccess
13-Jul-2015Is There Sufficient Training of Health Care Staff on Noise Reduction in Neonatal Intensive Care Units? a Pilot Study From NeoNoise ProjectCarvalhais, Carlos; Santos, Joana; Silva, Manuela Vieira; Xavier, AnaarticlerestrictedAccess
Ago-2017Newborns Safety at Neonatal Intensive Care Units: Are they Exposed to Excessive Noise during Routine Health Care Procedures?Carvalhais, Carlos; Silva, Manuela Vieira; Xavier, Ana; Santos, JoanaarticleopenAccess
2015Significance of Biogenic Amines in Cold-Smoked Fish and Their Relation to Microbiological Characteristics of Products Available in Portuguese Retail MarketsSilva, Manuela Vieira; Gibbs, PaularticleopenAccess
2015Sound levels and risk perceptions of music students during classesRodrigues, Matilde A.; Amorim, Marta; Silva, Manuela Vieira; Neves, Paula; Sousa, Aida; Inácio, OctávioarticleopenAccess