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2-Nov-2013Assessing Radiobiological Effects of Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation on Zebrafish by Bidimensional Gel ElectrophoresisLemos, Joana; Costa, Pedro; Cunha, Lídia; Campos, Alexandre; Carvalho, António Paulo; Vasconcelos, Vítor; Genésio, Paula; Ponte, Fernanda; Costa, Paulo; Crespo, Paulo; Metello, Luís F.otheropenAccess
10-Out-2015Assessing radiobiological effects of low doses of ionizing radiation on zebrafish muscle by two-dimensional gel electrophoresisLemos, Joana; Campos, Alexandre; Carneiro, Mariana; Ribeiro, Tiago; Ponte, Fernanda; Costa, Paulo; Cunha, Lídia; Carvalho, António Paulo; Metello, Luís F.otheropenAccess
2016Bioaccessibility and changes on cylindrospermopsin concentration in edible mussels with storage and processing timeFreitas, Marisa; Azevedo, Joana; Carvalho, António Paulo; Mendes, Vera M.; Manadas, Bruno; Campos, Alexandre; Vasconcelos, VitorarticlerestrictedAccess
2013Early physiological and biochemical responses of rice seedlings to low concentration of microcystin-LRAzevedo, Catarina; Azevedo, Joana; Osório, Hugo; Vasconcelos, Vítor; Campos, AlexandrearticleopenAccess
2016Effects of Chrysosporum (Aphanizomenon) ovalisporum extracts containing cylindrospermopsin on growth, photosynthetic capacity, and mineral content of carrots (Daucus carota)Guzmán-Guillén, Remedios; Campos, Alexandre; Machado, Joana; Freitas, Marisa; Azevedo, Joana; Pinto, Edgar; Almeida, Agostinho; Cameán, Ana M.; Vasconcelos, VitorarticlerestrictedAccess
2014Effects of storage, processing and proteolytic digestion on microcystin-LR concentration in edible clamsFreitas, Marisa; Azevedo, Joana; Carvalho, António Paulo; Campos, Alexandre; Vasconcelos, VítorarticleopenAccess
2014Exposure of Lycopersicon Esculentum to Microcystin-LR: Effects in the Leaf Proteome and Toxin Translocation from Water to Leaves and FruitsGutiérrez-Praena, Daniel; Campos, Alexandre; Azevedo, Joana; Neves, Joana; Freitas, Marisa; Guzmán-Guillén, Remédios; Cameán, Ana María; Renaut, Jenny; Vasconcelos, VítorarticleopenAccess
2016Insights into the potential of picoplanktonic marine cyanobacteria strains for cancer therapies – Cytotoxic mechanisms against the RKO colon cancer cell lineFreitas, Sara; Martins, Rosário; Campos, Alexandre; Azevedo, Joana; Osório, Hugo; Costa, Margarida; Barros, Piedade; Vasconcelos, Vitor; Urbatzka, RalpharticlerestrictedAccess
2014Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) leaf-proteome profiles after exposure to cylindrospermopsin and a microcystin-LR/cylindrospermopsin mixture: A concentration-dependent responseFreitas, Marisa; Campos, Alexandre; Azevedo, Joana; Barreiro, Aldo; Planchon, Sébastien; Renaut, Jenny; Vasconcelos, VítorarticleopenAccess